1. Strategies For Managing Your Financial Fitness (Ep.11) Matt and Beth Blecker 30:50

In this episode, financial experts Beth and Matthew Blecker discuss the similarities between managing your physical and financial fitness.

 Listen in as Matt leads the discussion by emphasizing the importance of goal-setting, planning, and discipline in achieving success in both areas. 

Together Matt and Beth share insight and strategies about staying equipped with the right financial products to help you stay disciplined, create a plan, and overcome financial obstacles.

Beth and Matt discuss:

  • How to stay disciplined when it comes to financial fitness even when “life” happens
  • The most important financial products needed for long-term financial success
  • Why you should get umbrella insurance
  • The importance of a healthcare proxy for your children
  • And more!

Connect with Eastern Planning:

Drawing upon her many years of experience in retirement planning and particular expertise in distribution strategies, Beth Blecker provides clients approaching their retirement years or in times of transition with proactive financial strategies. She understands that it's not just your money, it's your life and works towards helping establish financial balance.

A long-time member of Ed Slott Master Elite Advisors, an organization of financial advisors dedicated to serving as leaders in the IRA industry, Beth teaches retirement planning and distribution strategies to local CPA groups and corporations, as well as at various financial services industry events.

A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Beth helped launch Eastern Planning in 1995 after a 20-year career in corporate and public accounting. In 2000, she took over as CEO and has grown Eastern Planning into a firm known for its personal, practical advice and superior client service.