1. New Year Goals and Objectives (Ep.9) Matt and Beth Blecker 22:36

The beginning of the year is not just to set new goals, but to look at what you’ve already accomplished.

In this episode, Beth Blecker discusses how to realistically set short and long term goals and why you should review them every single year.

Beth discusses: 

  • Being realistic with your short term goals
  • Continuously reviewing your long term goals to stay on track
  • How you could lose a million dollars
  • Why you should be reviewing the monthly services your paying for
  • And more


Connect With Eastern Planning:

Drawing upon her many years of experience in retirement planning and particular expertise in distribution strategies, Beth Blecker provides clients approaching their retirement years or in times of transition with proactive financial strategies. She understands that it's not just your money, it's your life and works towards helping establish financial balance.

A long-time member of Ed Slott Master Elite Advisors, an organization of financial advisors dedicated to serving as leaders in the IRA industry, Beth teaches retirement planning and distribution strategies to local CPA groups and corporations, as well as at various financial services industry events.

A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Beth helped launch Eastern Planning in 1995 after a 20-year career in corporate and public accounting. In 2000, she took over as CEO and has grown Eastern Planning into a firm known for its personal, practical advice and superior client service.