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March 10th, 2024

Shadows of Trickery: Episode 287

  1. Shadows of Trickery: Episode 287 Robin Black 3:54

Be careful of what lies hidden in the shadows as the devil is the father of all lies. He will give assignments to all his users, abusers, and manipulators, so be aware of all the optical illusions that you see. Many of the illusions are only distractions, it's all a part of their trickery. The love bombing and the gas lighting they use to draw you in, building the trust because they know where loyalty lies it's harder to see the truth. Before you open yourself up to just anyone. Be sure you pray for the spirit of discernment and ask God to lead you.

Music: Cinematic Trailer Epic by Cold Cinema [No Copyright Music] / Archetype

#mentalhealth #darkness #mentalbattles #trickery #enemies #spokenword #hurt #pain #truth #narcissit 

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Robin Black Spiritual Poet, It's All About Healing Podcast

I have a collection of spiritual poetry that I have written and performed on my podcast, as well as coaching and guest interviews who share their stories and knowledge about facing or overcoming adversities. I have experienced immense pain and have found solace in God and the universe. Through the heartfelt words in this podcast, you will embark on a journey of healing, understanding, finding your true self, and the true meaning of this journey called life.

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