1. 53. Susan Snow - "The Other Side of the Gun" - From Victim to a Thriving Survivor Lisa Tickel 2:16:14

In this episode with Susan Snow, you will hear a journey through adversity, Resilience, and healing.

Key topics we’ll explore:

  • Coping with Sudden Loss: Hear about the pivotal Halloween night of 1985 that altered Susan’s life path and what helped her to go through that tragic experience.
  • Navigating Grief and PTSD: Learn more about the battle with PTSD and strategies for management and recovery from it.
  • From Victimhood to Victory: Learn how to transcend victim identity to become a survivor and an inspiration to others.
  • The Power of Forgiveness: Understand the profound power of forgiving the unforgivable and how this act can release the bonds of pain.
  • The Journey of Writing: Learn about the therapeutic power of storytelling and how writing ‘The Other Side of the Gun’ served as a pivotal point in Susan’s healing process.

About Susan:

Susan’s life took an unexpected turn when her father, a dedicated LAPD Detective, was brutally killed. Facing this tragedy, Susan was thrust into a battle with PTSD. Through Resilience and a journey into vulnerability, she has transformed her pain into a message of hope. Susan’s story is a beacon for anyone touched by violence and loss, proving that one can rise above with forgiveness, love, and strength.

Join us as Susan shares her powerful testimony and offers insights into overcoming profound loss. Her message isn’t just about enduring but thriving and helping others do the same.

Tune in to discover how hope can be reclaimed even in the darkest of times.

Susan’s contact details:

Website:⁠ http://www⁠.⁠susansnowspeaks.com⁠

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@susansnow1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/susan_snow1/

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