1. Happiness journey with Dr Dan podcast: Season 15 Ep 2: : Special Guest and coach for healers, Kristen King Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD 32:57

King is an integrative business coach for entrepreneurs who want to take their
business from f*ck-me to f*ck-yeah. She teaches teaches coaches, therapists,
healers, and other service-based entrepreneurs how to tune out all the
fear-based, perfectionist, hustle-culture BS that paralyzes them and how to
tune in to a fun, fulfilling, f*ck-yeah business that feels like their own —
without overcomplicating things, making themselves do stuff they dread, or
burning themselves all the way out.

has an MBA, a master’s degree in publishing, and 15+ years of experience that
includes marketing, copywriting, digital and content strategy, instructional
design, publishing, public health (specifically mental health and trauma), and
Coaching. She also has a lifetime of lived experience with neurodivergence,
chronic health issues, and mental health challenges. Find Kristen online at https://kristenking.com and follow her on
the socials as @kristenskoveking on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube and
@kristenking on Twitter and LinkedIn. Hop on her free email list for
service-based entrepreneurs at https://bit.ly/kkemails.


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Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD Podcaster, Author

Author, investor, life/business/retirement coach, Psychotherapist, podcast host, marriage counselor, and so much more, all wrapped under one person. Dealing with challenges in life? I am here to help. Difficulties in relationships? I can assist. Hard to find yourself in life? That is still something i can help with. No matter what you deal with, always know there is a solution around the corner, and i will always stand in that corner. Do not hesitiate to ask.