1. Ep #220 - Mea Culpa 2023 & Predictions for 2024 Grant Bledsoe 44:38

This week’s episode is all about predictions. At the end of the year 2022, Grant made some market predictions for the year 2023. In today’s episode, he is going to discuss what he got right and wrong from those predictions. Furthermore, he shares his market predictions for the year 2024.

[05.35] Stock market – Starting the conversation, Grant explains how unpredictable the stock market is and why he hesitates to make predictions.

[13.25] Inflation – Grant’s prediction about inflation by the end of the year 2023.

[20.10] FTX – The collapse of FTX and how it affected the other major operators in the crypto space.

[28.23] Interest rates – Grant’s prediction on US government bonds at the end of 2024.

[34.26] Emerging markets – Grant predicts that the emerging markets are going to do better than the US and internationally developed markets in 2024.

[42.00] Bitcoin – Grant’s prediction on Bitcoin for the year 2024 and the reasons behind them.



Mea Culpa 2022 & Predictions for 2023


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