1. Ep #219 - Asset Protection, Elder Law and Estate Planning With Asha Paulose Grant Bledsoe 44:05

Asha Paulose is an elder law and estate planning attorney in New York who operates a virtual law firm for clients living in Long Island, NYC, and the Hudson Valley. Her firm prepares trusts, wills, and other planning documents to help families through death or protect assets as individuals begin to age. She joined us today to talk about the common estate planning mistakes people make, why you should not add your kids’ names to your bank account, why you shouldn’t have your siblings inherit your assets that meant for your children, and more.

[04.05] Asset protection – Asha starts the conversation by explaining the importance of asset protection.

[11.33] Minor beneficiary – Grant and Asha discuss why a trust is a good idea if you have a minor beneficiary.

[18.34] Funds – Asha explains why commingling funds is not a good idea.

[26.27] Revocable living trust – A revocable trust is a trust that allows the grantor or creator to modify or revoke its terms according to their wishes.

[35.28] Succession planning – Grant and Asha talk about the importance of succession planning when you start your own business.

[40.11] Virtual firm – Asha discusses the benefits of having a virtual firm.



Connect with Asha

LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/asha-paulose-17a50565/

Website – ashapaulose.com/

Instagram – @PauloseLaw

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