1. #276: Transform Your Setbacks into Rocket Fuel with Mike "C-Roc" Kevin Lowe, Inspirational Speaker & Transformational Coach 41:08

“Every setback is a setup for a comeback!” Are you tired of living a life of mediocrity? Are you ready to launch yourself into greatness? Then, it’s time you embark on a journey of transformation and inspiration with Mike “C-Roc”!

Discover how setting intentions lead to global success, how setbacks transform into launch pads, and learn how confidence can turn hearts in your favor!

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What’s this Episode All About?

In this invigorating episode, host Kevin Lowe sits down with the dynamic Mike “C-Roc” to ignite a fire within listeners seeking motivation and drive to excel in life. Mike’s personal anecdotes and philosophical insights provide a roadmap for converting life’s challenges into unstoppable momentum.

Starting with a discussion about overcoming personal challenges and negative familial patterns, Mike shares his journey toward realizing the profound impacts that belief, determination, and storytelling can have on one’s path to success. He dives into the notion of the rocket fuel law — an empowering concept about converting all experiences into fuel that propels one toward their dreams. As the conversation unfolds, we gain an understanding of Mike’s methodology for achieving a life beyond the ordinary, shaping one’s destiny through awareness, choice, and intentional action.

Key Takeaways:

  • The concept of the rocket fuel law, which postulates that any experience, good or bad, can be transformed into momentum towards success.
  • Learning from the past and redefining the present to shape a desired future, a process Mike emphasizes through personal reflection and action.
  • Importance of creating an attraction model in business where opportunities come to you and making informed decisions about which to pursue.
  • Mike discusses the direct correlation between confidence and success; when confidence is high, opportunities are more likely to present themselves favorably.
  • His commitment to leaving a positive legacy for his family and using his life to inspire others to elevate themselves and their communities.

What will You Gain by Listening?

  1. Strategies for transforming personal setbacks into powerful motivators
  2. Insights into creating a life narrative that propels you forward rather than holds you back.
  3. Practical advice on becoming the architect of your own success through intentional living and leadership.

If you’re ready to unlock the secrets to turning your obstacles into opportunities, then go ahead and PRESS PLAY!

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Mike “C-Roc”, a visionary leader and performance coach, has made it his mission to empower individuals and businesses to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. With a background marked by personal challenges and triumphs, Mike’s approach to life and success is rooted in the belief that every setback is a setup for a comeback. As an author, speaker, and the founder of That One Agency, he’s dedicated to helping others unlock their full potential by leveraging their unique stories and experiences.




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In his 30s, Kevin Lowe has emerged as a quintessential symbol of strength, resilience, and unwavering optimism in the face of adversity. His journey, significantly altered after losing his eyesight following a life-saving brain surgery in 2003 at just 17 years of age, has not hindered his progress but rather catalyzed his growth into a Purpose-Driven Life Coach and the engaging host of the popular podcast, "Grit, Grace, & Inspiration."