1. Build the Best Version of You - w/Skylar Bytendrop 42:31

Skylar Bytendorp is a Personal Development Coach, Business Owner, Traveler, and Student. He believes life has to purposes – 1. To learn. – 2. Experience joy. – He believes the more we grow and expand ourselves the more of each of these we experience. He has spent thousands of hours and dollars in his journey in personal development, and he continues to do so everyday!  

In this podcast we talk about his journey, how he is helping other find the best version of themselves.

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I am a seasoned sales professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. I love working on multi-projects at once. I am a husband and father of two boys. I enjoy reading a book a week, coaching basketball, being outdoors in nature, meditating, doing breathe work, playing with my dogs, traveling, and exercising.