1. GBC #138 With Gramps Jeffrey - Author of "I Don't Want to Turn 3" Bryant Halstead 41:37

The Gray Beards have an awesome conversation w/ Gramps Jeffrey, Author of “I Don’t Want to Turn 3”. A father of 4, Gramps has been blessed with 6 grandchildren. He was inspired to write this book by watching them and the book is a story of some of their adventures. This book and the conversation the Gray Beards have with Gramps are filled with lessons for humans of any age. Enjoy!!!

Gramps Jeffrey’s children’s book, I Don’t Want to Turn 3, explores what goes through a toddler’s mind that parents are so desperate to understand. It is based on the true experiences he has had with his 6 grandchildren that were born 2 each to his 3 Millennial daughters.

Gramps Jeffrey is the pen name for Marc Joseph whose first book The Secrets of Retailing…How to Beat Wal-Mart was written to help entrepreneurs and small businesses compete against the big guys. Arianna Huffington read his book and asked him to contribute to the Huffington Post. He has written over 100 articles about small businesses, education, the homeless and several other nonprofit topics dear to all of us.

Gramps and his lovely wife Cathy live in Scottsdale, Arizona where 2 of his grandchildren live. 2 more live in Austin, Texas and 2 in Orlando, Florida.