1. Generation Bold Radio, July 14, 2019--Guest: Jane Mathews, "The Art of Living Alone and Loving It" BizTalkRadio 38:50

Jane Mathews was born in England, but her career in advertising enabled her to live all over the world (Amsterdam, Chicago, Singapore, London) but now she calls Sydney, Australia home.  When she got divorced several years ago, and unexpectedly found herself living alone, she tried to find a book to help navigate its sometimes treacherous shallows, but couldn’t. So she wrote one herself.  “The Art of Living Alone and Loving It” seems to have really resonated with readers and it has been translated into 8 languages. Her premise is that to enjoy living alone you have to examine each aspect of your life and adapt it to solo living accordingly.  You have to course correct and be proactive.  People living alone is the fastest growing demographic in the world.  We are a mighty army, although it doesn’t always feel like it, and there remains a stigma to living alone, not to mention the specter of loneliness sulking in the corner.