1. Midterms 2022: The Election "Week" Vince Kern and Joe Luther 23:34

Vince and Joe wonder why the election results were still incomplete a day after the polls closed. Do the lingering incomplete results create an environment of doubt for the process and encourage grievances for the loser while diminishing the victor?
Are mail-in ballots the problem and what can we do to make it better for everyone?

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Vince Kern Podcaster

Vince Kern inherited his desire for storytelling (and verbosity) from his dad and despite a family of teachers and mental health professionals wandered into a lengthy career as a technologist, journalist, newspaper editor, operations director and R&D director. He's been professionally published in every decade since 1980 and was once kicked out of gossip columnist Cindy Adams' penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park because he wouldn't give her his home phone number.