1. How to Thrive in Conflict w/ Dan Tocchini Robin Dreeke / Dan Tocchini 54:53

🤔 Our Greatest Challenges are often caused from a Victim Mentality and Toxic Self-Loathing. But, when we take responsibility for our commitments, healing begins. Therefore, tune into this powerful episode with the impactful Dan Tocchini and discover how to Bring Order from Chaos and Release the Beauty Within.

 🌟 What We Discuss with Dan:

👉 ⁃       The Revelations of a Near Death Experience 

👉 ⁃       The Toxin of Self-Loathing 

👉 ⁃       Making a Commitment to Heal

👉 ⁃       Learning to Love a Hard Conversation

👉 ⁃       Never Giving up on Those We Love

👉 ⁃       Creating Possibilities from Obstacles 

👉 ⁃       Ordering Chaos and Releasing Beauty


🌟 About Dan:

Dan Tocchini is a seasoned transformationalist with decades of experience in developing high-performing work cultures. Dan has had the privilege of working with industry giants like ESPN, Microsoft, and Interstate Batteries, as well as founders and teams from Virgin Hyperloop, One Hope Winery, and Smarty Pants Vitamins, and non-profits like Homeboy Industries, World Vision, and Straight Ahead Ministries. As a founder or executive leader of a high performing team looking to take your organization to the next level, Dan's expertise lies in strategic executive leadership development, conflict resolution, organizational change management, turnaround consulting, and restructuring. Through personalized Coaching, hands-on training, and proven methodologies, Dan works with founders and their teams to take their organizations to unprecedented levels of meaning and productivity engineer the transformation needed to exceed your business objectives while deepening your sense of meaning and purpose.


🙏 Thanks, Dan! Reach out, connect, and follow Dan:

👉 –       https://www.linkedin.com/in/dantocchini/

👉 –       https://www.instagram.com/dan_tocchini/

🌟 Resources Mentioned in the Podcast: 

👉 ⁃       http://takenewground.com


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