1. I Found the Lost Inca Treasure: Tamara Estupiñán Viteri Daniel Mainwaring 28:20

500 years ago Spanish conquistadors invaded the Incan Empire and slew Atahualpa — the unfortunate who would prove to be the last Emperor. Due to his vast wealth — largely in the form of gold — treasure hunters have spent centuries searching in vain for lost treasure of the Incas. 

Ecuadorian historian Tamara Estupiñán Viteri who among other things studied and then created a dictionary of the dialects spoken within the Incan Empire, also deciphered the “secret language of the Incas.” This along with documents from the Spanish colonial period enabled her to piece together a treasure map of sorts.

Following the leads she discovered Tamara made her way to a remote corner of Ecuador where she discovered the hitherto unknown Incan site at Malqui-Machay. It is here that Tamara explains that the greatest Inca “treasure” now lies.

Guest: Tamara Estupiñán Viteri is a professional historian with a degree in History from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. She also holds a master’s degree in history, with a specialisation in Andean history, from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences of Ecuador (FLACSO). 

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La historiadora ecuatoriana Tamara Estupiñán Viteri, quien entre otras cosas estudió y luego creó un diccionario de los dialectos hablados dentro del Imperio Inca, también descifró la “lengua secreta de los Incas”. Esto, junto con documentos del período colonial español, le permitió reconstruir una especie de mapa del tesoro.

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