1. 458: The R.I.C.H Method for Living Elzie D. Flenard III 23:42

Felicia reveals the pivotal moment when she heard the voice of God telling her to shutdown her successful business, leading her to redefine what it means to be successful and live a rich life through what she calls the “rich method for living”.

Episode Highlights

08:27 – Understanding Fulfillment Beyond Success: “But sometimes the results that we think we want are not conducive for the life that we think we wanna live.”

10:57 Finding Balance in Success and Personal Life: “Women were healing in places they didn’t know they were broken, and now they’re finding a way to love their business again. They’re finding a way to love their life again.”

15:09 Internal Metrics for Success: “Until you see yourself as successful already, you’re always gonna be chasing something else.”

21:36 The Importance of Relationships and Personal Growth: “But what do your relationships look like? Who makes you thrive? Who drains you? What is your relationship like with your creator? Where’s your foundation? Because your relationships are what carry you through moments of success when you wanna call that person who’s not gonna roll their eyes as something amazing you did. Also, when things go wrong, those relationships are gonna carry you and hug you and say, friend, it’s gonna be fine.”

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Elzie Flenard The Mayor of Podcast Town

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur as a teenager. I would create my own board games and basketball leagues in my bedroom. I would dream of flying cars and spend hours solving problems with business ideas.

I've had just about every job out there - I was a janitor for a short time, I've worked fast food, I worked in an ammunition factory (wasn't a bad gig actually), I've cleaned the bottom of barges --- I even worked in a CD manufacturing company! I've worked in corporate as an electronics technician, electrical engineer and operations manager.

These experiences shaped me. They helped me become the business leader and entrepreneur I am today. I've been podcasting since 2016 and I look forward to many more years of having conversations with bright minds from all walks of life.

I get to live my dream of being an entrepreneur. I get to chart my own path and impact others through my work ... I'm truly Livin' the Dream!