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527: Acres of Diamonds

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Russell H Conwell – Acres of Diamonds (1921) Summary

There was a man, Al Hafed, who lived on the banks of the River Indus who had a nice farm with orchards and gardens, excess cash, a beautiful wife and children.

He was wealthy because he was content.

Then one night he was visited by an old priest who told him about the precious metals and stones of the earth.

He told the farmer that if he had a few diamonds, he could have not just one farm, but many.

The farmer listened and suddenly wasn’t happy with what he had acquired in his life.

He sold everything and went travelling in search of diamonds, across Persia, Palestine and into Europe.

A couple of years later, what money he had was gone, and he was wandering around in rags.

When a large wave came in from the sea, he was happily swept under by it.

The man who bought the farmers land was another story.

One day, watering his animals in the stream that ran through the property, he noticed a glint in the watery sands.

It was a diamond.

In fact, it was one of the richest diamond fields in history, with acres of diamonds!

In the last paragraph Conwell says, “if you wish to be great at all, you must begin where you are.”

“The grass is always greener where you water it.”

One reason I see a lot of businesses and individuals never reach their potential is because they are always changing gears.

They are coached or given advice. They build up some momentum and they’re making progress, but then they don’t quite hit a goal they desire or have a breakthrough they were hoping for.

They get really close, but then decide things aren’t working and they say, “I’m going to try something else for a while.”

Then they’ll do that new thing until it feels like it’s not working.

But the reality in our life and business, a lot of times when a change feels wrong, it’s working.

That “wrong” is often a feeling being uncomfortable

The right change can feel wrong in the moment.

If it felt right, you would have already been doing it

Everything you need in your life or business to take it to another level right now, don’t feel right, or you’d be doing them.

If your business or life are not where you want them to be right now, maybe your current perspective is off.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are doing the wrong things don’t keep doing the wrong things believing that your perseverance will create success. It will create more of the wrong results!

But when you are working with a coach or a mentor and you’ve implemented some good success habits into your life and routine, don’t sell the farm and go looking for diamonds because you haven’t seen good enough results yet.

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