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Do you want more time, more money, or more freedom and flexibility? Do you want to be the captain of your calendar? Are you skilled at building teams? Are you a builder or a sustainer? Would you happen to know your why? Time to be your boss? Tired of company politics? Well, David Greenberg was tired of working for others and bailed out of the executive life, which was not a life. Multi-unit, Executive-Model franchise ownership allowed him to enjoy financial freedom and become the captain of his calendar. 

About David Greenberg:

David Greenberg has helped hundreds of people realize their dreams to escape the oppression of a job and enjoy financial freedom through franchise ownership. He’s the matchmaker who helps people find the right franchise that matches their skills, interests, and financial goals. It’s time to be your own boss & keep 100% of the profits!

As the owner of six franchises, David understands the challenges and rewards of choosing the franchise life. He currently owns six SBJC franchises: four in the Nashville, TN, area; one in Huntsville, AL; and one in Sarasota, FL.

David was raised in a family of successful entrepreneurs. He worked for over 20 years as a marketing executive for Ford and Mazda, leading the “Zoom-Zoom” and “Ford: Powered by You” rebrands. Looking for a more sustainable lifestyle and greater professional freedom, he switched to small-business leadership and franchising in 2011.

Choosing the franchise life is a weighty decision, but David approached it with a calm, rational perspective. David is a mentor at heart and enjoys helping others become the best possible versions of themselves and fulfill their true potential. His goal is to help you make the best choice for yourself, your work, and your family – he succeeds when you succeed. He looks forward to showing you how you can empower yourself, your future, and your wealth through franchising!

David lives with his wife Lauri in Nashville, Tennessee, and can be found on the coast of Maine during the summer months. Their son Hank is an attorney in New Orleans, and their daughter Annabel is an interior architect in Denver, CO.

Topics for today’s show:

  • Conscious Communication for Entrepreneurship

Conscious communication is a significant element in successful entrepreneurship. It involves active listening and the genuine expression of thoughts, fostering trust, empathy, and deeper understanding amongst business teams. 

  • Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

Transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship is an empowering, yet challenging journey. It requires courage, conscious decision-making, and the willingness to steer one’s career path. 

  • Embracing Fear for Entrepreneurial Growth

The fear associated with stepping out of the comfort zone and setting off on a new path is a common feeling for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, instead of seeing fear as a deterrent, it can be viewed as a driving force that inspires personal and professional growth. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Master the art of conscious communication for successful entrepreneurship.
  • Discover the key steps to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship with confidence.
  • Embrace fear as a catalyst for personal growth and entrepreneurial success.
  • Uncover the importance of positive support in navigating the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Explore the essential considerations for starting a successful franchise business.

“If you do nothing, you’re going to end up with nothing. So let’s not think that way. Let’s think about doing something.” -David Greenberg

Connect with David Greenberg:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-greenberg-entrepreneur/ 

Website: https://empoweredfranchisee.com/ 

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