1. Comedy Legends Unleashed - John DeBellis and Steve Mittleman Jeff Dwoskin 52:35

Dive into a whirlwind of laughter and nostalgia with two comedy powerhouses, John DeBellis and Steve Mittleman. This episode is a roller coaster of stories, from the early days of stand-up to unforgettable encounters with comedy legends.


Show Highlights:

  • The Dynamic Duo: Steve Mittleman and John DeBellis, friends since ’76, share their journey from the improv stages to the big screens, sprinkled with their signature humor.
  • Comedy Club Chronicles: Get an insider’s look into the golden era of comedy clubs. From auditions at Catch a Rising Star to unforgettable nights at the Improv, these legends have seen it all.
  • Larry David Unplugged: Laugh out loud with anecdotes about the quirky, real-life version of the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” mastermind, as our guests reveal the man behind the comedy.
  • Gilbert Gottfried’s Thrifty Adventures: Discover the hilariously frugal world of Gilbert Gottfried through stories that are as bizarre as they are funny.
  • Rodney Dangerfield’s Unique ‘Respect’: Hear how Rodney’s offstage antics were just as comical as his on-stage persona, including dressing room shenanigans and his legendary generosity.
  • Writing for the Stars: John DeBellis spills the beans on his experiences writing for “Saturday Night Live” and working with comedy giants like Fred Willard.
  • Steve Mittleman’s Extreme Makeover: Dive into Steve’s transformational journey on “Extreme Makeover” and the unexpected fame that followed.


Why You Can’t-Miss This Episode:

  • Ever wondered what comedians talk about when they get together? Here’s your VIP pass!
  • A treasure trove of behind-the-scenes stories from the comedy world.
  • Hilarious anecdotes about some of the most iconic figures in comedy.
  • A deep dive into the lives and careers of two comedy legends who have shaped the genre.

This episode of “Classic Conversations” is more than just laughs; it’s a heartfelt trip down memory lane, showcasing the camaraderie and pure joy that comedy brings into our lives. Join Jeff, Steve, and John as they take you on a journey through the heydays of stand-up comedy, filled with tales that are as endearing as they are hilarious.


You’re going to love my conversation with John DeBellis and Steve Mittleman

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I'm a tech entrepreneur, podcaster, and professional stand-up comedian. I started my journey in the tech industry back in 1997 when I founded my own website development company, which was one of the pioneering companies in the country at the time. While working in technology, my comedic talents couldn't be contained, and I eventually took to the stage as a stand-up comedian.

My passion for comedy led me to create Hashtag Roundup (@hashtagroundup on Twitter), a platform that has contributed to over 8000 top 10 USA trends on Twitter. With the growth of social media, particularly Instagram, I founded Stampede Social, a company aimed at helping creators drive traffic to their content without relying solely on a link in their bio.