1. Listeners' Favorite Model Names, 2025 Ram 1500 Deep Dive Consumer Guide Automotive, Tom Appel, Jill Ciminillo 54:50

Tom opened the show by surprising Jill with a bonus recording-day treat: Funyuns. After determining that there is, in fact, very little actual onion in Funyuns, Tom and Jill turned their attention to automotive matters. 

Tom read through a list of listener-submitted favorite model names, including picks from regular contributors, among them Damon Bell, Sam Fiorani, and Brendan Appel. 

Jill then shared her impressions of the updated-for-2025 Ram 1500 pickup truck. Jill was generally impressed by the new truck, but had some reservations regarding the new $90,000 Tungsten trim level. 

In the second segment Tim Esterdahl of Pickup Truck + SUV Talk joined the show to expand on the Ram 1500 conversation. Tim talked about Ram’s move away from the popular Hemi V8 engine to the new Hurricane 6-cylinder powerplant. Tim believes most shoppers will be well served by the new Ram engine lineup. Listen in for complete details. 

In the last segment Jill is subjected to Tom’s “Turbo or No Turbo” quiz, which featured an Indian-food bonus question. 

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Tom Appel Host of the Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast

Long-time publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive, and frequent radio and podcast guest. Currently co-hosting the Car Stuff podcast with auto-review veteran Jill Ciminillo. Life-long Chicagoan. Live with my wife of 30 years, and have a daughter earning her masters degree in animal behavior.