1. Election 2022 - Interview with Clea Conner Michael Levitt 25:34

Clea is the CEO of Intelligence Squared US Debates (IQ2US), a nonprofit organization that organizes Oxford-style debates that cover provocative topics such as whether a confrontation with Russia is worth it and if we should use gene editing to make better babies. Debaters get to make their case before an audience, which then votes on who has been the most persuasive.

IQ2US has organized over 185 debates that have reached millions of people through their multi-platform distribution network which includes over 230 public radio stations, TV networks, and their podcast, which has over 4 million downloads. Their debate series has won multiple awards, including five Telly Awards in 2021.

Clea has also won multiple awards for her work in politics and public affairs radio and television programming, including eight Telly Awards, seven Clarion Awards for Women in Communications, and Crain’s New York 40 Under 40 in 2018.

She developed “Up For Debate” and “That’s Debatable” as TV programs for Bloomberg, PBS, and Newsy. Clea also produced the first debate between artificial intelligence and a human debater in partnership with IBM’s historic Project Debater.

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