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Andrew Mason on The Current Pulse of The Productivity Landscape

  1. Andrew Mason on The Current Pulse of The Productivity Landscape Erik Fisher 53:58

This week I’m happy to welcome fellow podcaster and host of The ProGuide Podcast, Andrew Mason back to the show to discuss current trends and themes within the vast productivity space. Andrew and I discuss how being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can significantly impact our happiness and self-improvement. We explore various factors like chronotype and personality types that contribute to understanding oneself and the importance of seeking feedback from trusted individuals to uncover blind spots.

In addition, Andrew and I share some of our struggles with Procrastination and self-acceptance, shedding light on how internal conflicts can lead to self-sabotage. Andrew introduces the concept of separating actions from identity to help fulfill aspirational roles through positive behaviors. We also emphasize clearing mental Clutter through techniques like “brain dumping” and digital mind mapping to free up mental space before concluding with a discussion on the value of intentional engagement with information and tasks, and the importance of slowing down to process data meaningfully.


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Erik Fisher is the producer and host of the Beyond The To-Do List Podcast for over 11 years. Erik has talked with productivity experts as they share how they implement productivity strategies in their personal and professional lives. His mission is to explore all aspects of productivity as a means towards the true end goal: living a meaningful life.

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