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How to Break Your Negative Thinking

  1. How to Break Your Negative Thinking Coach Red Wallace 10:12

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This video from the Better Than Best Academy focuses on mastering your mindset to improve your life as a husband, father, and leader. It tackles the issue of cognitive distortions, those sneaky negative thoughts that distort reality and impact our mental well-being. The host, despite battling pink eye and a virus, shares powerful insights and practical steps to conquer the most common cognitive distortions, such as deletions, mental filters, black or white thinking, and more. By the end of the video, viewers are encouraged to challenge their negative thoughts, practice gratitude, consider alternative perspectives, and focus on solutions rather than problems to lead a more fulfilling life. The host also offers personalized Zoom Coaching sessions for deeper guidance.

00:00 Introduction: The Battle of Thoughts
00:26 Welcome to Better Than Best Academy
00:39 The Power of Mastering Your Mindset
00:50 Personal Insights and the Importance of Mindset
01:41 Understanding Cognitive Distortions
02:11 Practical Steps to Overcome Cognitive Distortions
09:14 Closing Thoughts: Mastering Your Mindset for a Fulfilling Life

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Our mission here at Better Than Best Academy is to help you overcome limited mindsets, discover your purpose, redefine your personal brand and build your community.

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My name is Red Wallace, I'm a podcast host, creative mindset coach and drummer. I have knowledge in the creative space, from a 10 year rap career, to 4 years as a video editor for a successful youtube ministry. Now I help high potential, high achievers, gain confidence and clarity in their creative identity through group and private coaching and consulting.

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