1. Mastering Ethical Leadership and Strategic Governance with Dr. Kurt Senske Keith Haney 41:21

Unlock the secrets to ethical leadership and effective governance with Dr. Kurt Senke, a luminary in the non-profit world and a beacon of wisdom in organizational leadership. Our enlightening conversation with Dr. Senske is a treasure trove of transformative lessons, mentorship tales, and the profound integration of personal values into professional life. From navigating the corridors of law and politics to the sacred halls of academia, Dr. Senske's journey is not just a story—it's a roadmap for anyone aspiring to lead with integrity and impact.

Dive into the often-misunderstood realm of non-profit and congregational governance alongside Dr. Senske, as he dissects the myriad challenges boards face today. Discover how diversity in skills and age within leadership can revolutionize the way organizations operate. With a wealth of anecdotes and research findings, our discussion reveals how to tailor governance structures to stay mission-focused amidst technological advances and societal changes. And, when the pandemic has upended traditional norms, learn why adaptability is your greatest ally in steering your board through uncharted waters.

The episode reaches a crescendo discussing the pivotal role of mission refocusing and succession planning in organizational longevity. Dr. Senske walks us through the metamorphosis of Lutheran Social Services of the South into 'Upbring,' showcasing how strategic realignment can amplify an organization's core mission. As we dissect the nuances of training future leaders and preparing for leadership transitions, listeners gain invaluable insights for cultivating stability and foresight in their institutions. Join us for a masterclass in leadership that promises to equip you with the tools to govern with foresight and grace.

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I am a servant-leader who is adept at wearing multiple hats. In addition to hosting a captivating podcast and writing a thought-provoking blog, Keith brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.

I have over 30 years of experience in church leadership, project management, and recruiting top professionals. His passion for ministry outreach shines through in every podcast episode and every blog post he writes.

Known for taking a collaborative approach I share insights and inspiring stories throughout my podcast episodes and blog posts.