1. Rising Strong: Kim Rahir's Victory Over Autoimmune Disease Beverley Glazer 28:44

One day you’re living your dream life balancing a family and a journalists career and suddenly everything changed. Welcome to the life of Kim Rair. Kim was struck down by an autoimmune disease which was eventually diagnosed as MS, and in an instant, her world turned upside down. But here’s where it gets amazing. From being confined to a wheelchair, Kim fought back to become a European Masters weightlifting champion.

Kim’s life is a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges; a successful journalist and mother, suddenly bedridden, and her legs unresponsive. This episode is a deep dive into the Resilience and tenacity it takes to stand up, literally, when life knocks you down. It’s about focusing on the now, making the most of each day, and setting goals that might seem small but are huge in their impact.

And then there’s the twist – when she takes on Olympic weightlifting. Kim’s journey is a powerful reminder that age and illness aren’t barriers; they’re just part of the story. This episode is more is a lesson in living life to its fullest, no matter the odds.

So, are you ready to be uplifted and inspired? Kim Rahir’s story is a testament to the fact that whatever life throws at you, you’ve got the strength to lift yourself up and move forward.

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Kim Rahir:


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