1. Mindful Living and Healing For Midlife Women: Meet Sherry Jibb Beverley Glazer 21:41

How can you keep your life in balance in the crazy world we live in. In this episode, we embark on a transformative journey with “the inspiring Sherry Jibb, a yoga teacher and healer, specializing in helping women in Midlife and beyond create strong, mobile bodies, calm minds, and positive mindsets. Join us as we uncover her journey:

From overcoming a challenging childhood with a bipolar mother, and living in an abusive marriage to creating a serene life in nature, Sherry’s tale is a testament to the strength within us all. Her unique blend of energy medicine and yoga has led to profound changes in both herself and her clients’ lives.

This episode is not just a story; it’s an invitation to discover the power of healing and self-discovery. Sherry’s insights into personal growth, Resilience, and living a purposeful life are both enlightening and empowering.

Listen to uncover the secrets to shaping your destiny and embracing a life of passion, guided by Sherry’s wisdom and experience. Don’t miss this captivating episode.

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Beverley Glazer is a coach and therapist whose mission is to empower older women in the fact of adversity and realize an exciting new life.

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You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to be who you’ve always imagined! Beverley Glazer MA., CCC., ICCAC, is a Psychotherapist, Internationally Certified Addiction Specialist, Coach and Founder of Reinvent Impossible Inc; a personal development company that educates, coaches, and empowers adults 50+ who’ve experienced life transitions, that left them feeling powerless, to bounce back with resilience and create new possibilities built on their strengths.