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Chloe Mascord Unlocks the Secrets to Reigniting Your Libido Despite Mental Health Meds!

  1. Chloe Mascord Unlocks the Secrets to Reigniting Your Libido Despite Mental Health Meds! Amy Taylor / Chloe Mascord 21:49

Hey Mental Health Warriors & Neurospicy Mamas!

If you just tuned in, that was an enlightening chat with Chloe Mascord, our somatic sexual therapist extraordinaire. Did she drop some serious wisdom or what?
But, don’t just be a passive listener; get interactive!

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Alright, warriors, keep shining, keep thriving, and remember: your mental health matters!

Stay Awesome and Keep Advancing Warriors, 

Amy D. Taylor 🌟🌈💪

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Don’t miss Chloe’s free guide to reignite your libido in just 15 minutes a day!  You can find this on her website at or go directly to the link at  Be sure to follow her on Instagram @thehoneyed.official.

Amy Taylor Mental Health Warrior & Neurospicy Mama

Hi, I'm an older single Mom in Missouri. I'm 53 and have a grown son with his own family and then I'm still raising a 13 year old daughter. I live a full life while having bipolar disorder, ADHD and anxiety. My daughter lives a very full life as well while having Autism, Anxiety, & ADHD. I work full time as a social worker during the day and am working towards my MBA at night. On the weekends I have started podcasting which has become a very fun hobby and helps me spread the word about mental health issues and neurodiversity and hopefully help end the stigma and spread some hope.

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