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Practicing Positivity; How to Stay Upbeat in a Negative World

Practicing Positivity; How To Stay Upbeat In A Negative World &Raquo; Sharkie4I know what you’re thinking.  How can anyone practice positivity in this day in age?  What is there to be happy about with all the political turmoil, violence, covid concerns, and negativity that we are bombarded with every day?  I realize that we can’t disconnect and ignore what’s going on around us.  However, we can change our focus.  There are more positive things in our lives than we realize.

“Look for the good and you will find it.” This quote from the ancient Greeks is the cornerstone for living a happy, fulfilled life. Unfortunately, most people find themselves focused on what is wrong or what they don’t have in life, complain to anyone who will listen, feel sorry for themselves, and ultimately make themselves sick.

Why is it important to practice positivity?  Look no further than the mind-body connection.  It’s almost as if our body cells are listening to our thoughts, and our physical health can either suffer or thrive as a result. We all want to be healthy in order to reach our goals and enjoy our lives, so if our thoughts are that powerful, it’s time to start training our minds similar to training our bodies.  And the best way to do that is with a positivity practice that we do every day.

So what’s a positivity practice?  It’s flipping your focus on life and also using the fine art of reframing stressors.  Did you know that your feelings are not so much influenced by what happens in your life but by how you define or perceive these events? For example, an argument can either be a depressing event, or it can be an empowering opportunity depending on how you want to perceive it.  Once we figure out that we have the choice as to how we want to view life challenges, then we can really start to change our lives.

Here is a 5-point plan to enjoy each and every day to the fullest:

  1. Instead of asking someone, “How are you?” instead ask, “What’s new and good?”  This might stop someone in his or her tracks who was just getting ready to dump their psychic trash on you.
  2. Practice mindfulness by trying to live most of the day in the present moment. Stay away from worrying about what might happen in the future or obsess about what happened in the past.  It’s over.
  3. Get a journal and record five positive events you noticed during your day. If you did this one exercise every night before you go to bed, you would be surprised how your life changes and also how well you sleep.
  4. See if you can go for a whole day without complaining about anything. If that’s too hard, just try for one hour and then add more time as you start to be successful.  It will be challenging at first, but keep trying until it becomes second nature.
  5. Look for the good in other people and difficult situations. There’s always a lesson to be learned and every person you meet does have at least a few positive attributes. Find something nice to say if possible to a person who is upset. I find this to be a great way to get other people to shift their awareness as well. Also, It’s fun to give unsolicited compliments and watch people light up.


A positivity practice not only feels good, but makes you more attractive to others and affects your overall health. So, what do you have to lose?  Remember to be positive towards yourself, and focus on your strengths instead of always noticing your weaknesses.  As John Wooden, the famous UCLA basketball coach used to tell his athletes, “Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.”

Each and every day is a chance to start again and fall in love with life. As far as we know, we only get one shot at this life so don’t miss out by being a negative grump.  Start your positivity practice today and watch your life blossom!  You will also be an incredible role model for others who will want to know your secret.

Sharkie Zartman Health Coach, Professor, Radio Host, Author

Sharkie Zartman, MA, is a college professor, a former All-American athlete, and award winning volleyball coach. She hosts Sharkie’s Pep Talk on Radio Network and is a certified health coach, speaker, and the author of five books including Shark Sense, Empowered Aging, Have Fun Getting Fit, Hey Sports Parents, and her newest, WIN at AGING. She is passionate about helping people take an empowered approach to life so they can have optimal health, happiness, and success at any age.

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