Author: Kara Lane

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

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Author Kara Lane has worked as both a financial planner and CPA. Her careers have enabled her to work with a diverse group of people. Surveying their different backgrounds and motivations she was intrigued by the comparisons between those who make the most of any given situation and come out on top, and those who allow their efforts to be thwarted, consistently falling short of the mark. Her interest led her to look deeper. Through her prayers for increased purpose in her own life came the guidance to yield to the insights coming her way, given by those around her, and to put those insights into practice.
In her book, Wake Up to Powerful Living, she promotes a clear and uncomplicated approach to issues that may be holding us back. Those who may be looking for a gentle nudging in the right direction, a possible explanation as to the reasons we may find ourselves repeating past mistakes, or ways to clear a path to new and exciting opportunities, find Lane provides alternative techniques that work.
She offers twelve principles, among them are: Forgiveness, Take Care of Yourself and Be Honest. Her ideas are not new but they are refreshingly basic; and a return to those basics is often necessary and soothingly cathartic.

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