Author: Judy Dippel & Debra Whiting Alexander

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

The Art Of Authentic Friendship – Real Women, Real Challenges, Real Solutions &Raquo; 119 Bbook Photo

The Art of Authentic Friendship takes a look at women’s relationships with one another from the inside out. Nothing is overlooked. With friendships being some of the most important relationships women have in their lives; this book can truly be a catalyst for maintaining healthy, positive relationships while weathering the storms of life, and ultimately once defined, these friendships can stand the test of time.

It is a practical woman-to-woman, heart-to-heart guide offering true life situations for every imaginable friendship disconnect or difficulty that women may face during the course of their friendships. The research for this book was obviously so vast that almost any problematic friendship “situation” is included with a solution at your disposal.

While most friendships are beautiful, some can be toxic. According to the co-author, Judy Dippel, “Unhealthy situations can be avoided or more effectively handled when you’re prepared ahead of time to remain true to your values and beliefs.” The writer’s reaffirm my belief that some friendships have expiration dates. Advice is provided for setting up the necessary boundaries to protect one’s self from unhealthy relationships; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

When you’ve finish The Art of Authentic Friendship, you should be viewing your own relationships with fresh courage, honesty, and respect. You’ll have learned the lesson of letting go and separating yourself from “high maintenance” friendships; especially ones devaluing your own beliefs and moral codes.

The Art of Authentic Friendship illustrates that close, authentic friends, and being one, is a great gift. The challenges of maintaining these relationships are many, but so are the rewards. A very thorough and commendable book; indeed.

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