Author: Hanna G. Ruby

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Hanna G. Ruby takes us on a wandering exploration causing us to consider where we learned our perceptions of the aging woman. As we age and our bodies change, our relationships grow or take different shape, and our roles become altered. Where are we as sexual beings? Ruby recommends that we hold onto our vibrant and spiritual sexual selves as we approach our post- menopausal years. However, society needs to create better images of the aging woman to make this easier. She shares examples from Eastern cultures that enable women to move gracefully and respectfully into their later years—ever beautiful, ever lovely and sensual. The fine lines and softer bodies are celebrated, relished and respected by both men and women, allowing them to claim the joy that every stage of their life has to offer.

Ruby believes that unless we make a concentrated effort to change damaging views and expectations, we will continue to chase youth for fear of being put-out-to- pasture. Society works to fuel this fire. In Eastern cultures, this is not so: there is a harmonious blending of mind, body and soul that allows women the freedom to “be” as they mature.

This book is not for those who may be offended by direct language or slang used in reference to the female anatomy. Ruby uses the terms to stress her point about the way we address our bodies, but it may not for everyone. Ruby is a postmenopausal woman who grew up and lives in Africa, however, I was unable to glean any other credentials. Sex, Age and Menopause is an interesting read. I appreciated her comparison of women viewed by different cultures.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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