Author: Allison Bottke

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Ursula wonders what will happen now. It is true that she will have some extra time on her hands: her husband is aggressively pursuing that partnership in the law firm and her children are off creating their futures and she is slightly less needed on the home front. She consoles herself that it isn’t so bad; she has a vibrant life meeting with friends, spending time on Junior League activities and possibly giving piano lessons again. She is not at all worried about filling her newly acquired freedom and toys with the idea of going back to school to further investigate her love of music and develop a gifted singing voice. Ursula is open to what God has in store for her—a prayerful, faithful woman she listens intently to his guidance— but when He drops the chance of a lifetime in her lap that threatens to spiral her world out of control, it will take her trust in Him and a strict adherence to her convictions to allow her to make the most of an opportunity of a lifetime.

Allison Bottke’s One Little Secret is an entertaining read. A fantastical, imaginative tale, it offers the reader a pleasant little escape. This jocular rendition of a suburban housewife’s brush with stardom is set in a picturesque California neighborhood and carries with it a message of faith and love. One Little Secret is a fun addition to your library and is easily enjoyed.

Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW

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