Author: Suzanne Willis Zoglio, Ph.D.

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

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When it comes to finding “passion, purpose, and peace,” some of us can use all the help we can get. I am a huge fan of materials that assist with this; I am always on the lookout for innovative ways of approaching the subject, maybe through a new angle, or fresh wording that serves to open my eyes just a little bit wider. Suzanne Zoglio, organizational psychologist, draws from the wisdom of notable healers, like Drs. Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, to create a diversified approach to the search for purpose. Her ideas are not new, but the concepts of meditation, positive thought, visual imagery, and facing fears are explained through the use of calming, beautiful prose.

Instructional and inspirational, Zoglio uses soothing sensory imagery to ease the reader into action and change: “Decorate the rooms of your mind as you would a favorite retreat…with things that calm your spirit and fire your imagination.” Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The author knows all too well that an idea, no matter how splendid it is, will remain just that if one does not explore the avenues for bringing it into reality, so she expands on techniques to dream, and then to realize.

I found myself particularly fond of the third chapter: “Create ’tenant’ rules for the thoughts in your mind…if they don’t behave, evict ’em”—it reasserts the need for uplifting self-talk and the banishment of negativity. “But how?” you might say. It’s all explained in Create a Life that Tickles Your Soul. Witness through the featured stories of those who have moved through adversity to live full, authentic lives—those who have placed aside the meaningless in favor of the meaningful—what it is to live the life for which you were created.

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