Author: Elinor Stutz

Reviewed By: Lynn C. Tolson

Nice Girls Do Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results &Raquo; 52 Bbook Photo

Stutz certainly has the expertise to write this book. Her credentials are based, in part, on her attention to detail and ability to determine the needs of both the saleswoman and her clients. The author summarizes the key points in each chapter with “Nice Girl Sales Tips” in the form of a list and presents a thorough and useful guide to benefit any working woman.

In chapter 2, Stutz tells the story of the beginning of her sales career after spending fifteen years at home raising two children. She explains to the reader what her perception of a sales person was, how that perception evolved, and how her personality fit the career and offers the reader the components of a positive perception of sales.

Stutz plowed through a chauvinistic and sexist “good ol’ boys network” in her first sales job. She had no sales experience and was given no training. She quickly earned the nickname “The Bulldozer” by, well, working! According to Stutz, the salesperson must sell from the “prospect’s view of the world.” She has defined the “Nice Girl Philosophy,” which includes integrity, respect, and kindness. Although Stutz states what she sees as differences between how men and women sell, she could easily prescribe the same sales techniques to both genders.

Stutz offers information on how to use technological data-base contact management systems effectively, as well as how to network face-to-face or on-line. There is also a long list of resources available, an index, and a guide to her line of CDs, e-zine, and other services. I highly recommend Nice Girls Do Get The Sale.

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