Don’t Wait to Travel to Your ’Bucket List’ Countries. They’re Welcoming You Today,  But May Not Be Tomorrow.

By Sandra Colony
For the NABBW

sandra colony“The driver of our boat waved his arms toward the river’s shoreline.  He had spotted our camp site for  the night.  And it is the perfect spot, soft sand surrounded by trees swaying in a gentle breeze.  Feels so  serene, so quiet, so safe. A table is set for dinner and, as if on cue, the stars make their appearance  and soon the sky is ablaze. We open a bottle of wine and all is right with the world.

I wrote those words in 2006, in Mali, Africa.

Along a similar vein, in 2010 I wrote to my family.  “You can’t believe how fascinating this country is and  how friendly and hospitable the people are.  I think Aleppo is one of the most beautiful and historic  cities I have ever visited.  Wondering the streets of old Damascus and shopping in the traditional  souks has been a pure delight.”

My point is undoubtedly obvious.  Don’t wait.  Travel now to those remote destinations you have on  your bucket list because in this ever-changing world, they may not be in a position to welcome you  tomorrow.

One of my favorite overall destinations is Africa.  Often, because of a news article, people will ask me “Is  it safe? I just read about uprisings in …” Visiting an African country is not like traveling through the U.S.  We are a big country.

But Africa is a HUGE continent comprised of approximately 55 countries. (The  number varies depending on the criteria used.)  It is over 3 times the size of the United States and bigger  than the U.S., China, India, Europe and Japan combined.

Not surprisingly therefore, violence in one  African nation does not mean that travel to other African countries is unsafe. To date, I have traveled to thirteen African nations and hope to get to many others.

78-Himba-men-e1378766376163One of my  favorite countries is Namibia. It’s a very safe country that many Americans are unfamiliar with, thus it is  not over-run with tourists like some other safari destinations.   It has amazing animal life – I saw my first  leopard there, having never sighted one in trips to Kenya and Tanzania.  Its topography is incredible –  towering red sand dunes in the world’s oldest desert.  And, a visit to an indigenous Himba tribe is  an experience unlike any other.

Start ticking off those destinations that are on your bucket list.  It’s time.

Sandra Colony is a traveler – She says she has been one her entire life. ” For the past 30 years I interspersed my travels with working in the corporate sector.  Last year I turned my full attention to travel, founding Personalized Odysseys  – a travel service for Baby Boomer Women who want to explore remote regions of the world.” 


Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW

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