Author: Diana Kirschner, PhD

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

Research psychologist Helen Schucman states that “every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity.” Author Diana Kirschner, PhD expounds on this idea with her fast-track approach to “finding your own true love.” Carefully crafting a blueprint for securing romance, Kirschner offers Love in 90 Days to women who have given up hope on the dating scene, become skeptical, cynical, and closed off. Individual testimonials of success are interspersed throughout the book lending credibility to techniques that have been tested and tried with phenomenal results. Okay, so there’s a little homework involved, a little dedication required, a little open-mindedness expected…it turns out to be fun, challenging, and ego-boosting so why not invest yourself?

The Love in 90 Days plan is thorough and comprehensive. If you do not meet your one true love it will be because you did not follow the mapped out approach to the letter; so shame on you, go back and do it again! Kirschner will keep you upbeat, lively, challenged and intrigued while you do, and your self-esteem will begin to soar.

Thirteen weeks to find love—your ultimate love; the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. Kirschner shows you the way, and then supports you in its development. I love her approach; it’s invigorating and worth the time it takes to implement the program in one’s dating life. Witty, wise, and wonderful.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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