Author: Barbara Friesner

Reviewed By: Dotsie Bregel

Is It Simple Forgetfulness Or The Real Thing? &Raquo; 63 Bbook Photo

Barbara offers a lovely presentation for those wondering if a loved one is experiencing dementia. Presented professionally with clarity, excellent tone, and instrumental music between segments, you will learn how to discern if a loved one needs medical attention, and if so, how to get the most appropriate care.

Once a diagnosis is made, she then takes you through the next steps by sharing personal examples from her life of caring for her grandmother and mother. Barbara admits she is not a physician, however our best advice is often learned from lay people who have walked a similar path before us. You will learn practical, helpful tools to walk with someone who wants to remain independent and engaged in spite of their mind’s activity. Upon completion, you will have a better understanding of dementia, know how to treat someone who is losing their memory, and be able to spend more quality time with them making pleasant memories through their decline.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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