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Drop the Cute Puppy and Let Your Stars Shine

Let Your Stars Shine

Every business has its underachievers. But today’s post is not about them. It’s about those precious, and few, overachievers. You know, that one or maybe two, star employees who always seem to find a way to prove their value and serve your customers better than anyone could have expected. Let’s talk about how to drop the cute puppy and let your stars shine.

A Star Employee Should Shine

The customers know them and want to be served by them. They’re remembered for their smiles, their empathetic conversations, and their attention to detail, just as much as the service they provide. Oh, if only you could have a few more like them…

But you can. Well, at least you can give the impression that your entire team is full of stars. Here’s what I mean.

Show off your stars by featuring them in your advertising and marketing material.

Here’s an example:

Do you care to see the owner of the car dealership in his television ads? No, not really. But what if the ads featured a salesperson or two or the mechanic who’d be working on your car? You can add the “finance guy” and receptionist too. Let your team shine like the stars they are.

They’d talk directly to you, the potential customer, and invite you to the showroom. They’d tell you to ask for them when you arrived and say how they look forward to serving you and finding you the “perfect” car.

Show Off Your Team of Stars

When you show off your team, your customer gets a better feel for what the shopping experience will be like and helps make it more personal.

I bet you’d be more prone to visit this dealership than the one with the owner holding balloons, wearing a loud suit jacket, or the one who puts a few cute puppies in the commercial. Don’t you agree with me?

Well, I know. I know…puppies ARE cute.

Let your star employees shine. Put their photos on the wall, let them greet the customers first, and let them be the ones who make the after-sale follow-up calls.

Remember, the stars of any business are the front-line employees who make things happen.

They’re not the senior managers or owners sitting in their offices. Even if they THINK they are!

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