In the ’70s, I saw an ad in the local newspaper inviting residents to experience life regression with Dr. Helen Wambach. Since I discussed my three-hour journey in Part One, I will share my perspective today about good and evil. If young people understood past lives, they might make better choices for their future. 

During her lifetime, Dr. Wambach regressed 2,000 people. Today, Michael Newton, at the Newton Institute, has written about 7,000 cases. So, why is this information ignored? Why aren’t we discussing the importance of past lives? 

This information today might help us explain a variety of mysteries and agendas. What if…child prodigies and geniuses “remembered” what they learned in a past life. For example:

– John von Newmann spoke classical Greek at age 6.

– Mozart played songs on the harpsichord at age four and composed at age 5.

– Ruth Lawrance entered Oxford at age 8

– William James Sides entered Harvard at age 11. 

– Ernest Truex recited Shakespeare at age 6

– H.P. Lovecraft was reciting poetry at age two and writing long poems at age 5. (Source: Psychology Wiki). Many children exhibit extraordinary talents at an early age.

There is so much more to human beings than we think, see, and feel. The news tells us; we are still a primitive society that abuses children, abuses drugs, misuses sex, is violent toward others, allows government corruption, and supports ego-centered men seeking power and control over others. Perhaps, they are unaware there are always consequences for dishonesty and evil behavior! 

We should never assume we are electing wise and benevolent leaders. They may be at the beginning of their evolution with new souls and lack wisdom. Their motivation may be power and money.

Gender Identity

Do your instincts tell you something is wrong when politicians and educators encourage a young child to accept gender dysphoria? In other words, a child born a boy may feel like a girl or vice versa. Some schools now teach children as young as four years old about “gender identity.” Should teachers keep this secret from parents? Should an underage child have puberty blockers, surgery, and medication to make a life-changing transformation? What if a girl is an athletic “Tomboy?” What if sensitive boys like “girlish” things? What if a child is “remembering” a past life when they were of a different sex? Beware! A child’s brain is like a sponge; reality can become confusing about what a child learns early.


Politicians are discussing Reparations in California and other states. People who abuse, hate, or mistreat people of a different race may be reborn into that race to experience the pain they caused to learn and help change society. Do you know that we allow “white” slavery in America today? Beware: Money has never been a solution to complex problems. However, immature leaders may see money as a way to “help” and control followers.

Critical Race Theory

Are enlightened politicians working together to strengthen American families and unite neighbors to make America strong and resilient? Why don’t politicians discuss the cost and plight of children exposed to gangs, sex trafficking, abuse, and drugs? Are spiritually immature leaders using fear to divide and conquer? Americans will not remain free if we allow leaders to control what we think, say, and do. This is your country! You decide!

When we assume our leaders know better than our Universal guides and self-protective conscience, we must ask, how much pain do we want in our lives? “Old souls” can listen, evaluate the situation, and remain calm and slow to anger. They’ve learned to trust their wisdom and common sense. We can learn lessons from past lives and our lives today. Perhaps, now is the time to look beyond the boundaries we can see and look into the unexplored inner spirit. Everyone has a guiding light if we take the time to listen and learn. We all can discover: Why am I here? What am I here to learn? What is my mission? How can I help create a safer, more peaceful America?

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