Blogging about fun ideas to do for and with kids all year round is the best! There are not enough days in the year to share all the ideas that bring joy to a child’s face.   Memories still flood my mind of finding creative ways to bring fun to my children’s lives when they were younger.   We have now been blessed with grandchildren to continue the excitement!  It’s hard to resist doing special things for them, whether monetary or not! This helped me to realize that maybe a fun activity for them to give back is a great idea too ~ The Gratitude Attitude for Kids!

First, a Little History ~

Much time has been spent since I started blogging, creating a couple of different “month” long activities to have fun with the grandchildren.  Flat Skelly Skeleton entered the scene in 2021…click here to read more about him!  This is full of Halloween ideas to do randomly through the month of October utilizing “snail mail.”  Some new ideas were brought to life this year…Skelly Skeleton is back with lots of new Halloween fun!

Next came Gizmo the snowflake!  Gizmo comes complete with a starter poem and some fun Christmas ideas to share with kids!  He will be coming back this December….so stay tuned!

Introducing Boone ~

Definition of boon ~ a thing that is helpful or beneficial

Over the years, people have used the definition to create the name Boone, which is symbolic for blessing or lucky.  Is this not perfect for our little Thanksgiving character to help children be thankful throughout the month of November?

Boone is going to help our kiddos bestow acts of kindness upon others….instead of acts of kindness always being done to them.  As I stated earlier, I’m all about doing for kids….all year long.  However, this also helps them to realize how fun it is to give instead of always receiving!

A Little Work Goes a Looonnnggg Way!

Ok, I am not going to lie…it takes a little prep!  However, I promise it is way worth it!  You can even go an extra step and do some laminating which will make the project easier for following years!   You can also have your kids help you cut these leaves out if they are good with their cutting skills!

I posted last year about doing a  Kid’s Gratitude Tree for Thanksgiving.  Believe me, it is another wonderful idea, but a different twist.  You can check it out in the green link to read about it as well.  It does include cutting of leaves too.

The Main Purpose ~

Kids will have all of the printed leaves (and some blank ones) to think about throughout the month of November.  The goal is to pick one daily and do that good deed sometime throughout the day.  Once they have completed the act of kindness, they get to hang that leaf up on the tree.  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, they will have a beautiful tree of kind things they have done for others.

Follow along for the list of things needed and the detailed steps to prepare for this amazing Thanksgiving project:

First Step of the Project ~

Here is an idea of what the leaves look like:


There are a total of seven pages with four leaves per page with an assortment of colors and shapes.  This leaves a few extras.     Every leaf contains a different task that children can do to “earn” that leaf for their tree!  Below are the links needed to print each page.  I suggest you print them on white card stock for more durability, however, this is not a necessity!

Free printables you will need ~

(click on the links below for free printouts)

Page 1 – Gratitude Attitude for Kids   

Page 2 – Gratitude Attitude for Kids   

Page 3 – Gratitude Attitude for Kids   

Page 4 – Gratitude Attitude for Kids   

Page 5 – Gratitude Attitude for Kids   

Page 6 – Gratitude Attitude for Kids   

Page 7 – Gratitude Attitude for Kids   

The last page (page 7) has white blank boxes on it.  This allows for you or your child to fill each leaf in with what you feel is appropriate per their age, your lifestyle or your child’s capabilities.  For example, some people are very close with neighbors or grandparents, therefore you could cater a leaf especially toward something special to be done for them.

Grab a pretty basket or bowl ~

Let’s get those leaves cut out.  If your child has cutting skills, get them to help out.  After all the leaves are cut, read through each one with them so they have an idea of what they are working toward.  Then put them in whatever container you have chosen.  Place the basket in a location that your child can reach them.  Will you be putting the tree in their room?  the kitchen?  a home office?

You have 3 options for your tree, which are discussed below:

*Make a paper tree:

A roll of contact paper was cut into the shape of a tree and taped to a door for this version.  It can be as detailed or as basic as you wish!  Once the leaves adorn the tree it will become a beautiful tree of “good deeds.”  Deeds that the child has contemplated and put their mind to completing.

*Purchase a tree:

24″ lighted tree

18″ lighted tree

These would be cute to place on the child’s desk or dresser in their room, allowing them to think more about ways to show gratitude for others!  Bonus that it has a little extra night light!

*Make a branch tree ~

If you are creative with some small tools, you can create a tree with:

  • a few limbs (you choice of size
  • spray paint
  • a container (pot, jar, covered coffee can, etc.)
  • rocks or other fillers to stabilize your tree in container

This is what I did in the featured Image for this post.  Gather a few branches, paint them, place in a glass vase, fill vase with rocks and acorns…voila!  Here is a website that gives you several ideas of how to make other “natural” trees (many times known as a wishing/money tree…How to make a money/wishing tree by Oui Personalize.

Depending on the type of tree you make, you will need one of the following to attach your leaves:

  • tape
  • ornament hanger or paper clip twisted to make a hanger or string to tie them on
  • paper hole punch

Summing it up ~

You’ve printed the leaves, cut them out and made or purchased your tree….you are now ready for this project named “Gratitude Attitude for Kids.”  This is such a fun way for kids to really focus on showing appreciation for others and learning how to return kindness.  Now all you have left to do is print out this cute version of Boone to help present this package to your kids…and then wait for more fun from him throughout the month of November!

  click here for printable version ➡➡Boone printout to welcome the Thanksgiving project!

I think Boone and your kids are going to become fast friends….all the while he is helping with The Attitude Gratitude for Kids!  Let him grace the tree as well….or whatever fun thing they want to do with him to help remind them that gratitude is indeed an attitude!

Happy Thanksgiving!





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