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For Our Furry Family: Useful And Trending Pet Products 2024

The pet business has grown exponentially as we consider dogs and cats part of the family. Since we brought Piper into our lives, we have been trying out many of the trending pet products in 2024.

I figured it’s only fair to share some of our favorites.

Quote of the day: “If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.” Betty White

What makes a pet product trending for 2024? I think there are a variety of issues at hand.

One is that people are more environmentally conscious in this day and age.

Another important factor is that people not only have pets at home, but are traveling with them and taking them out and about more.
We want our pets to enjoy the outings as much as we do and we strive to make it convenient.

And we want to keep our fur babies around for a long time. So finding healthy and nutritious products is high on everyone’s list.

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Waste Items

Let’s start with the inevitable. Taking care of their waste is part of pet ownership, and I consider some of these items as part of the trending pet products of 2024.

The biggest detail is finding compostable poop bags. Gone are the days that you just use any old plastic bag. Now you can help save the environment by choosing better bags to scoop the poop.

Personally we use the poop bags with handles because they are easier to tie up and carry around on the rest of our dog walk. But if you prefer the poop bags in their original shape, they aren’t any different in price.

If you’re out walking the dog at night, then you’re going to appreciate another great trending pet product for 2024. And that is a poop bag dispenser that has a flashlight in it.

Insider tip: The flashlight dispenser even has a clip on it to hook it to your leash to make it much easier to use.

Healthy Dog=Happy Dog

Keeping our furry friends healthy is always the goal. It’s no different than it is for us, that animals need certain nutrients and whole foods in order for their bodies to be at their best.

It’s one of the reasons that if you research trending pet products for 2024, you will find a huge selection of healthy dog food.

Personally we have tried over a dozen brands, and I’ll be sharing that information soon.

Just like Rob and I take supplements, we found a super supplement for Piper too.

Insider tip: While there is no shortage of supplements for our pets, make sure to check the ingredient list, just like you do with your own supplements. You want supplements without a lot of extra fillers or ingredients that may cause issues.

Even pet treats have become environmentally conscious as well as healthy and nutritious. You can find good quality treats even at Trader Joes (the Charlee Bear brand), CVS (the Rocco & Roxie brand), Chewy (the Healthful brand) as well as on Amazon.

Personally, we were super impressed with this Shameless Pets brand that upcycles perfectly nutritious foods that may not look perfect into healthy treats for both dogs and cats.
Right now Piper is eating the Duck-tato treats as pictured above, while Monkey is enjoying the Cran You Say Chicken treats.

The other idea of keeping them healthy is reducing the amount of toxins our pets are exposed to. I know that many people use poison on their lawns and rocks to fight against weeds, so we have gotten in the habit to wipe Piper’s paws when we get home.
We used to just use water on a paper towel until I tried these Dirty Wipes.

Insider tip: These wipes are not just for dog’s paws. If you have a cat with a furry butt, then you may need them for that too. If you know, you know.


Pets now go everywhere with their owners which is why many of the trending pet products for 2024 involve convenience for on the go.

While the collapsible dog bowls have been around for some time now, there’s a trending pet product of 2024 that is even more convenient. And that’s the portable dog water dispenser. The convenience is the water and bowl is all in one.
Chewy sells these water dispensers too.

And the last item I’m including for trending pet products 2024 are the huge selection of dog beds for your car. This makes traveling with your pooch safer for both you and the dog.

Insider tip: Even many restaurants and hotels are pet friendly. If you aren’t sure, call and ask.

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Furry Family Members And Trending Pet Products 2024

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