Failure sucks.

In its wake, doubt and fear undermine every waking hour.

Fear of being viewed as “less than” cripples, we convince ourselves that everything we touch is doomed to the same “less-than” fate.

We isolate to avoid judgment from others while we heap brutal critiques on our heads.

We watch our world crumble as frustration, mingled with fear, become our only companions.

There is no happy ending in sight.

Whether from exhaustion or exasperation, a thought appears.  

Something must change. But what?

Then an idea.

I can act, or I can continue to hide?

Terrified, we put the decision off as long as possible.

Eventually, action or inaction are the only options available.

Inaction changes nothing. Within and without, things remain the same, and we continue to die.

The action puts energy in motion, which initiates change, both within and without. But the fear…

What if the action is wrong, we ask?

Eventually, we realize that some small action is better than the slow death we’re living.

Action takes many shapes and forms. 



Dream big.

Plan ahead.

Get up early.

Stay focused.

Watch less TV.

Invest in yourself.

Read more books.

Avoid time wasters.

Take calculated risks.

Write down your goals.

Make your health a priority.

Do work that matters to you.

Learn from people you admire.

Foster meaningful relationships.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Take action, even when it’s scary.

Have a powerful and inspiring “why.”

Recovery from devastating setbacks and failure does not happen through inaction. At times, it can be scary, lonely, and overwhelming.

I know. I have been there.

Would I be where I am today if I had given in to the fear, isolation, and looming darkness? No.

I believe you can make a similar decision and experience similar, life-changing results.

Act today.

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James Swan Certified Professional Coach

With over 20 years as a small business owner, entrepreneur, award-winning author, and marketing consultant Jim brings his experience as a survivor of success and failure to the world of business coaching and consulting.

As a Certified Professional Coach, he turned years of business experiences, personal values, and a belief in the power of transformative energy into a laser-focused professional objective; to support small and medium-sized business owners as they expand into their highest and best selves.
With a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology and music from Southwestern University and studies in Arizona State University's Architecture and Design master's degree program, he now includes Certified Coach in his educational accomplishments.

He is a past member of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, serving on its Executive Board of Directors. Other commitments include PAWS/LA, which assists with the care of pets for people living with disabilities, and KidSmart, an art education foundation for inner-city youth. Currently, he lives and works from his home on the Maine coast.

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