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Can You Use A Practical Guide To Organizing Team Meetings?

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Can You Use A Practical Guide To Organizing Team Meetings

Team meetings provide the platform for employees to feel heard and recognized while relaying necessary information regarding your business operations. Likewise, they allow employees to interact better, forming stronger relationships. Team meetings also facilitate faster and more effective decision-making and innovation while serving as a medium for feedback and constant improvement. 

Team meetings are about more than just what the leader has to say. A concerted team effort includes discussing how members interpret the thoughts and ideas that may enhance the original theme. Despite these perks, team meetings can only be successful when appropriately organized and everyone feels welcome. Our collaborative blog offers a practical guide to obtaining the desired outcome by properly organizing team meetings. 


A Practical Guide To Organizing Team Meetings

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  1. Assign Roles for The Meeting 

Unorganized meetings can be unproductive and stressful. You risk starting and ending them later than anticipated, and your staff members can quickly become irritated. There are specific roles you can delegate to various employees. Moreover, if you do not record meetings for future purposes, assign roles before these events. This way, everyone can contribute positively to each discussion while maintaining concentration. Likewise, these meetings can be more organized and run more smoothly. The benefits of assigning roles will typically be evident.

For instance, appointing a timekeeper, organizer, host, and recorder will serve you well. A decision maker, optional attendees, informed participants, and a voice of the customer is also necessary for the meetings. When assigning roles, ensure that you consider each employee’s strengths. For instance, a punctual worker can serve as the timekeeper, while a fast and neat writer can be the recorder. You can also consider alternating roles to enable your workers to function in areas outside their comfort zones. 

2. Create A Meeting Agenda 

It’s advisable to create meeting agenda before beginning your team meetings. The meeting agenda sets the right tone while defining the primary objectives for the event. Also, they serve as a tool for guiding the discussion and preventing distractions and irrelevant topics. In turn, it maximizes time and increases productivity. Your meeting agenda should contain the meeting’s purpose, participants, schedule, location, and objectives. Last, the early creation and distribution of your meeting agenda are essential so your team can review it and suggest amendments when necessary. 

You can also link it to pre-reading materials. This way, participants will be on the same page, Moving the meeting forward. You can go further by categorizing your agenda items. Putting similar activities together can ensure a smooth flow, prevent disorganization, and maximize productivity. Also, ensure you allocate ample time for each item to prevent the meeting from dragging on for hours. As a tip, seek help from your team before creating an agenda. They may have issues that need addressing, and seeking their input also makes them feel valued. 

3. Give Everyone A Chance to Speak 

Team meetings should allow every participant to voice their suggestions, opinions, and concerns. However, not all employees may have the courage to do so. Therefore, creating a space where everyone can talk without feeling intimidated becomes essential. You can achieve this by explaining why your workers must open up during meetings. Help them understand that their contributions are crucial and needed for every business decision. 

A word of caution: Disruptions may occur. Some people habitually interrupt others or always answer questions as they interrupt others during their allotted time to speak. Arguments and unwelcome language may follow. If such behavior takes place, from that point forward, it is necessary to state upfront that such behavior is unacceptable. 

Organizing your team meetings by laying out ground rules ahead of time. For instance, ask your team before the meeting if they have questions or contributions. Afterward, create slots for each person with an allocated time. While at it, forbid any form of interruptions. When closing the meeting, avoid using generalized terms like “final thoughts,” as this may prevent shy participants from speaking. Instead, call them by their names to motivate them to add their final insights for consideration. 

4. Prioritize Teamwork and Collaboration, Not Reporting 

Many team leaders or managers habitually distribute long reports during business meetings. Doing so disallows spare time for more productive activities like brainstorming new ideas, strategizing to dominate the market, building a more effective team, etc. Sadly, it can cause your workers to get bored and tune out. 

Additionally, some information will only require discussion at a formal meeting; you can pass the theme for upfront thought through a more convenient medium such as email. If you must discuss reports, send the materials to each participant a week before the meeting so they can read through them and be updated. This way, you promote the culture of collaboration and increase engagement levels. 

Tip: Motivate the team to research the materials upfront to share their opinions at the meeting. 

5. Explore Gamification and Other Interactive Activities 

Admittedly, routine meetings can quickly become boring, causing your employees to lose interest. However, you can avoid this by exploring other ways to engage your participants. And one such option is gamification. Gamification is applying gaming elements to non-gaming scenarios, which in this case, is your team meeting. 

Gamifying allows you to introduce fun activities to build your team, encourage self-expression, create a more comfortable atmosphere, and prepare your participants for the meeting. You can also delegate this to your workers, asking them to write a poem, create a fun slogan, etc. While this is fun, keep it from overshadowing the primary purpose of the meeting. Instead, allocate time to enjoy this activity at another time fully. 

6. Ask Questions that Fuel Open Discussion 

Being the dull team leader or manager who speaks for long hours without rest isn’t ideal. And you can avoid this by asking questions that encourage open discussions. For instance, you can ask about their most significant achievements during the week or what challenges they have encountered. It’s worth noting that open-ended questions often begin with why, how, who, and what if. These can prompt your participants to offer more detailed questions. Therefore, you’ll find it helpful to turn every question you have into open-ended versions. For instance, instead of asking, “did you experience challenges with your tasks this week?”, You can ask, “what prompted these challenges, and how can you tackle them going forward?” 

In Conclusion: A Practical Guide To Organizing Team Meetings

Upfront, creating an engaging and productive meeting may seem challenging. Still, it is doable by reviewing the suggestions above and ensuring each session is on target with your agenda and the team’s goals. The collaborative and inclusive approach in organizing team meetings best achieves the company’s goals.

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Sales Tips: A Practical Guide To Organizing Team Meetings

  1. Before each meeting, distribute the agenda to team members and request their ideas relating to the topic.
  2. Should an idea not meet the plan, speak with the person whose idea it is to provide appreciation and suggest another time.
  3. Add the new suggestions to the agenda to finalize and redistribute to the members.
  4. Cordially conduct the meetings to ensure a safe environment for individuals to express their thoughts.
  5. After each person presents, ask for additional ideas to enhance the original.
  6. Assign a team member to capture the new ideas separately to ensure each receives due thought.
  7. Avoid dwelling on a topic; keep the meeting running efficiently to cover all issues needing sharing.
  8. Before concluding the meeting, ensure everyone aligns with the agenda.
  9. Track the meeting results from each day leading up to the next meeting for a better approach to organizing team meetings.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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