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A Review of Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell

This is my
first time reading anything by Suzanne Ferrell and it won’t be the last. The title,
book cover, and the synopsis pulled me in. The storyline kept me engaged from
start to finish and the twists and turns made for a wonderful story of romance,
danger, and suspense. 

Meet Jake
Carlisle, an undercover FBI agent on the run with Nicky, a nine-year-old Russian
kid with a photographic and phonographic memory whom he saved from the Kreshnin
brothers (Russian mafia). Both are injured and in need of medical attention and
shelter before the Kreshnins get a hold of Nicky who witnessed a murder and has
details that could put them away. Not wanting to risk going inside a hospital
and someone reporting their injuries to the police, Jake decides to kidnap
someone (preferably a nurse or a doctor) who could help them. 

Lucky for
Jake he kidnaps Samantha Edgars, a feisty nurse who possesses a heart big
enough to help and eventually come to care and love both Jake and Nicky under
grave circumstances. Also, lucky for Jake, Samantha has three brothers (two are
police officers) who along with Jake’s old partner, Doyle comes up with a plan
to expose the Kreshnins and get them arrested. At the end, they are also able
to figure out the mystery inside man who has helped the Kreshnins stay under the
police radar to conduct their illegal business. 

Overall, I
enjoyed the pacing of the novel, the character development, motivation, dialogue
and suspense. The romance heated up between Jake and Samantha being in close
quarters as they were hiding out and trying to figure out their next move. The
author did a great job of showing Samantha overcoming her depression from
recently losing her daughter to leukemia. Her resourcefulness made her a great
companion for Jake and someone he could rely on. A very good read and one I would

Some of my
favorite lines: 

what do I know about Jake?” Sami spoke aloud, hoping to keep the crazy voice
from answering her. “First, he’s in trouble up to his sexy blue eyes. Second,
he cares very much about what happens to Nicky. Nicky is Russian. Third, Jake
knows police weapons and procedure.

he’s a rogue cop, ex-military or maybe even a federal agent. From his clothes,
I’d guess undercover at least. Fourth, he’s convinced the police are out to get

he had a bullet hole in his shoulder, the man is probably right.

Rating: 4

A Review Of Kidnapped By Suzanne Ferrell &Raquo; Kidnapped%20Cover%209 30 22

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Deliah Lawrence Attorney, Author, Blogger, Workshop Facilitator

Deliah Lawrence is a Maryland-based attorney and award-winning author of two romantic suspense novels (Gotta Let It Go and Gotta Get It Back) set in Baltimore. She’s also a blogger and workshop facilitator who writes poetry and short stories.

When Deliah isn’t writing, you can find her reading a book, indulging in her addiction to investigation discovery shows; or painting her yet-to-be exhibited oil artworks of landscapes, portraits or whatever else comes to her creative mind. Constantly on the go, she is also a member of the Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland and Sisters in Crime.

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Deliah Lawrence
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