This is
the first time I’m reading anything by Lily Zante and it won’t be the last.
This novel serves up a dose of doubt, a spoonful of mistrust, and a heaping of finding
love again. 

So, let’s
meet Ava Ramirez, an entrepreneur of an online kids store, reeling from hurt
after being ditched by Connor Beachcroft, her fiancé six weeks before their
Valentine’s Day wedding. After the suppliers, dressmakers, caterers, and party
planners are canceled she sets out for Verona, Italy – the honeymoon
destination, the one thing she didn’t cancel. 

When Ava
arrives at Verona airport, she finds out that her luggage didn’t arrive there. On
her way to speak to the Information Desk clerk, she crashes into Nico Cazale, who
happens to be carrying several hotel signs one of which says “Casa Adriana,”
the elegant five-star luxury hotel where she’s staying. Unbeknownst to her,
Nico is a billionaire hotelier who she mistakes for a driver. Nico is tickled
by the situation and settles in his role as a driver and takes her to Casa
Adriana, the hotel his family owns. 

Ava’s stay, Nico offers to take her around to places off the beaten path: Montova,
an industrial center with rows of factories and warehouses with smaller shops
and retail units and to Montagnano twenty miles away from Montova with side
streets full of shops some of which sell eclectic pieces of jewelry. She enjoys
these trips, having lunches with Nico but gets confused after they share a
tender kiss, and he becomes abrupt and cold as he rushes off to a meeting. What
Ava didn’t realize is that Nico is dealing with his own drama: Silvia Azzarone
claiming that he’s the father of her five-year-old daughter, Alessa. When
Silvia confronts Ava at the hotel and shares this information, it further
complicates things between Nico and Ava, especially after Ava also learns who
he really is. 

this was a quick and charming read. I enjoyed the storyline, the pacing of the
novel, and the descriptions of the various places Ava went. It makes me want to
visit Verona. Anyway, as with any love story, there will always be some
misunderstandings and then the characters will find themselves back to each
other. In this case, Ava’s reaction was realistic based on her hurt and her
mistrust of men. But love won over through Nico’s persistence in sharing the
truth with her. So, if you’re looking for a romantic love story that plays on
your emotions, then check out this novel. Two thumbs up! 

Rating: 4

Some of my
favorite lines: 

“Are you
jealous?” he asked cheekily, his eyes daring hers and at the same time his lips
breaking out into a playful smile. He had taken his suit jacket off and wore a
white shirt underneath which made his olive skin look more tanned.

Ava almost
laughed out loud. “Jealous? Who, me?” She surveyed him with interest.
“Certainly not.”

I hope
you’re not flirting with me
, she prayed, taking a sip of wine again
because she needed to do something with her hands.

rested his elbow on the table and placed his index finger across his chin. As
he leaned in toward her, she suddenly caught sight of his Breitling watch. It
was almost two o’clock. He smiled at her again, watching her, as he often
seemed to do.

He is
flirting with me
. Ava took another sip of wine then realized
her glass was empty.

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