Hi. I’m Connie. As a serial “Grandmapreneur®”, I speak to retirees or soon-to-be retirees on the benefits of pursuing entrepreneurship in Retirement. This blog post will help you see the magic of audiobooks, podcasts, and radio, which you will need as you consider starting a business.

Audiobooks for Seniors


Listening to stories is an age-old tradition that resonates deeply within us, dating back to the days of oral narratives. Audiobooks are a modern adaptation of this timeless custom. They provide an excellent alternative for seniors who find it difficult to read due to low vision or other physical limitations. 

They also bring stories to life, adding a new dimension of immersion. From literary classics to the latest bestsellers, audiobooks are an accessible way for seniors to engage with literature. 

On top of that, audiobooks are ideal for multitasking― listening while exercising, cooking, gardening, or during a leisurely walk. Services like Audible and LibriVox offer a vast range of titles and often provide features such as adjustable narration speed for personalized comfort.

These platforms often provide features designed to improve the listening experience. One such feature is adjustable narration speed, which lets you slow down the narration. There are also sleep timers for those who enjoy listening to a book before bed.

Podcasts for Seniors

internet-based shows

Podcasts have grown in popularity over recent years and are an excellent source of information and entertainment for seniors. They are internet-based radio shows that cover a vast array of topics. The best part is, they can be accessed anytime, anywhere―  as long as you have an internet connection.

You can find podcasts about health and wellness, history, culture, hobbies, finance, technology, and much more. They help you stay informed, learn new things, or just enjoy some good old storytelling.

Listening to podcasts also stimulates your mind and can help improve memory and focus. Additionally, they can help reduce feelings of loneliness by providing a sense of connection and companionship. 

Accessing podcasts is easy, too. Apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher are user-friendly platforms that house a plethora of podcasts. 

Radio for Seniors

traditional medium for seniors

A familiar device for many seniors, the radio has stood the test of time. Traditional radio still offers news updates, music, and talk shows. On the other hand, Internet and satellite radios have expanded the possibilities, offering stations from around the globe. For seniors who might feel technologically overwhelmed, radios provide a comforting and easy-to-use source of entertainment and information. Listening to a familiar radio voice can also be a delightful routine.


In conclusion, the beauty of audiobooks, podcasts, and radio lies in their versatility and accessibility. With the rise of smart speakers and user-friendly apps, accessing these platforms is simpler than ever before. Technology might seem overwhelming for our seniors at first glance, but with patience and a little guidance, these digital tools can open doors to a world of auditory delight, delivering the magic of stories, news, and music straight into the comfort of their homes.

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The post The Magic of Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Radio for Senior Citizens appeared first on Connie Inukai.

The post The Magic of Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Radio for Senior Citizens appeared first on Connie Inukai.

As a serial “Grandmapreneur®”, Inukai speaks to retirees or soon-to-be retirees on the benefits of pursuing entrepreneurship in retirement.

Retired from teaching Technical Writing at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University for four decades, Connie Inukai became an award-winning inventor at the age of 68.

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