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A Case of COVID-19

A Case Of Covid-19 &Raquo;

To the Hybrid Boomer – your support is appreciated

Over a million people in the US alone have died from the prominent Delta variant of the virus. Other less severe strains like Omicron are prevalent today.

The first time that COVID-19 caught my attention was in the year 2020. When employers began to send non-essential workers home indefinitely I realized that the virus had to be something serious. I paid more attention to it in the news. Getting sick was the last thing that I wanted to do.

In addition to working from home, I hunkered down. Wearing a mask when I needed to go out, I only left my house for groceries and other essentials.

Thankfully, I did not get sick during the early days of COVID-19. One very close family member had it before a vaccine was available. He recovered without hospitalization or severe illness. We all got vaccinated as soon as we could.

Headaches for me are unusual, so I was a bit alarmed but kept going about my normal day. I even walked 6 miles after the holiday. It was a struggle too. Normally after a long walk I am hyped and ready to keep going. But this time I couldn’t wait to get home for a shower and go to bed!

The results are supposed to show within 15 minutes, but by the 5 minute mark I had two lines showing that I was positive. Holy cow! What now? In denial, I decided to make an appointment with the local drugstore to have them to test me. They gave the same results.

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If you are ever faced with a case of COVID-19, I hope that by sharing my experience and the home remedies that I used will aid you in your road to recovery.

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A Case Of Covid-19 &Raquo;

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Catherine Cooper Hybrid Boomer

A Hybrid Boomer is an individual born between 1946 and 1964 who is still in the workforce but working from home or a remote location. We are only required to report into a company facility when it is necessary to collaborate in person or for in-person company meetings. We transitioned into this type
of work mode during the COVID 19 Pandemic. In defining a new normal and the future of work our companies have decided to allow us to make this a permanent way to work.

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