Monday - June 5, 2023
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How to Help a Grieving Child After a Loved One’s Death (Understanding Your Grieving Heart Book 3)

 Author: Mary M. McCambridge  Category: Self-Help  Pages: 85  Buy Now

There can be nothing more painful for a child, teen or young adult than when they are grieving the death of a parent, sibling, grandparent, classmate, teammate, friend, neighbor or someone they loved deeply.

They need your help and perhaps you are looking for advice on how to guide them through this confusing and chaotic time in their life, and perhaps yours also.

You’ve reached the right place.

Mary M. McCambridge, also known as Mary Mac (, is Founder and President of the Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc. (, the first USA national non-profit public charity specifically designed to raise funds to benefit of grieving children, teens, young adults and their families following the death of a loved one regardless how they died or were killed. It also creates awareness to the challenges of grieving young people and educates families, society and professionals to their needs.

She is a Grief and Bereavement specialist, Award-Winning Author, Writer, Editor, Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach and Publisher whose work has primarily assisted those grieving a loved one’s death. Having personally experienced the death of many family and friends, including the drunk-driving deaths of two friends and the murder of her eleven-year old stepdaughter, she lends her wisdom and knowledge to others who now walk this path.

In this important book, Mary Mac shares what you need to know to help your beloved children, teens and young adults as they grieve that special person in their life.

(In addition to relatives, this book is especially recommended for foster care families, teachers, healthcare, criminal justice, law enforcement, mental health professionals and all those assisting young people on a daily basis.)

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