Thursday - September 28th, 2023
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Lessons in Stumbling and SetBacks from the Big Top
July 26th, 2023

Experiencing stumbles and setbacks can teach us a lot about ourselves – a lot about being a leader. I was reflecting on a stage production of Circus 1903 I attended several years ago. It was a variety show featuring turn-of-the-century circus acts. The audience enjoyed heart-stopping performances from high-wire artists, aerialists, contortionists, and acrobats from around the world. (While this isn’t intended to be a review, I can highly recommend the show!) Even a few years later, I remember that each act was an impressive display of a lifetime (sometimes generations) of muscle and skill... Continue Reading

Go find your tribe! Let me tell you about The Solopreneurs Club
March 5th, 2023

What a group One year into running my first start-up I really wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing; the idea I had left my corporate job for wasn’t getting quite the traction I’d hoped for and I was getting more and more worried. Add to that the fact that I’d never run my own business and the arrival of Covid, a mere 6 months after I started, and things were incredibly tough. In fact, thanks to Covid, my business ended up with 6 months without any revenues that first year — those were unpleasant days I can tell you. I felt so alone, struggling to reconcile my ambitions with reality. Having... Continue Reading

March 5th, 2023