1. Kelly Ann Winget Marisa 31:15

Kelly Ann Winget is an innovative, emerging manager in the private equity space, and the founder of Alternative Wealth Partners, a Dallas-based private equity firm focused on blended portfolios of alternative assets. Hailing from a fifth-generation oil and gas family, Kelly's upbringing exposed her to diverse groups early on. From working at a car wash at 15 to managing valet teams, radiology offices, demolition crews, tanning salons, and bounce houses, Kelly consistently sought out challenges that expanded her horizons. Her experience in blue-collar roles and male-dominated sectors uniquely equips her to empathize with others' experiences. As a savvy business consultant, Kelly effectively secured capital for startups, oil and gas firms, manufacturing ventures, and real estate. With nearly $1 billion raised for family offices through modest investments, she witnessed exclusive access to wealth-generating opportunities and resolved to democratize such access. Founded in 2020, Alternative Wealth Partners aims to democratize investments and financial education. Kelly's sharp intellect and dedication drive her to redirect funds from financial frivolity to impactful ventures. Her approachability and open-mindedness set her apart, fostering meaningful conversations and informed decision-making. As the force behind AWP, Kelly is committed to enhancing financial understanding. AWP offers diverse funds, from fully varied private equity to tax-advantaged energy and real estate investments. With two successful funds managed and a third launching soon, Kelly challenges norms, showing success through genuine connections and diverse portfolios. Beyond profits, Kelly empowers investors to influence their communities. Her revolutionary investment approach has garnered a dedicated following from all walks of life. She's an inspiration to aspiring investors, an advocate for diversity and inclusion, and a beacon of authenticity in a complex financial world.

Marissa Jones Mindset Coach, Mental Health Advocate and Host of Women CEO In Reflection

Marisa Jones is a teacher, community builder and Mindset Coach. After leading a successful career as an architect and strategic advisor leading global multimillion dollar technology projects, she published her memoir “The Lotus Tattoo: One Woman’s Grit from Bully to Redemption” in 2019 and now focuses on helping individuals balance mental health challenges with career success through her 1-1 coaching programs and corporate workshops.

Marisa is also the the host of Women CEO In Reflection, a podcast where women business leaders of our world get candid about mental health.