1. Cracking the Code to Gaming Influence Jason Falls 35:14

We’ve had a couple of episodes and conversations in the past that talk about gamers. The online video game industry is worth billions of dollars. Its content creators have some of the most captive audiences in any medium. Twitch is one of the biggest and most impactful social networks and it is dominated by video gamers who live stream themselves playing video games.

And yet, this behemoth of a segment is still a mystery to most of us in the influence marketing space. Some consumer brands have played on Twitch and sponsored various gamers to some degree of success. But the businesses and agencies that succeed with the gaming segment are almost always the video game companies themselves. 

It’s like gaming is some sort of nerd herd stratosphere few of us are able to find entry to. 

Emilee Helm is the Head of Influencers for a company called Gamesight. It is an agency that focuses on helping video games and their parent companies market their products. And tapping into influencers is a big portion of what they do. 

But Gamesight does more than that. It monitors and ranks top Twitch channels, as one example. In fact, data is one of the company’s leading propositions. They track and measure things I’m not quite sure can be measured adequately. Imagine my delight when Emilee agreed to come on the show.

On this episode of Winfluence, Emilee and I are going to dive into this cryptic world of gaming and gaming influencers, learn about what Gamesight has that other agencies and influencer marketing firms don’t, and see what doors open to that world, plus which ones we can kick open wider by taking some of that expertise and applying it to our brands and campaigns.

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